Rediscover Your Wardrobe

Every morning I spend at least 15 minutes in my closet assessing my wardrobe with the resulting thought " I really need a new wardrobe!" For most women, including me, expanding your wardrobe is the inevitable and most times, we tend to discover closet favorites that are repeated more often than other pieces. Whenever there is a sale or a new trend, I quickly grab my credit card and get to spending, only to realize that the black dress from five years ago, will be worn at least twice this month.

So just my luck, I stumble across The Every Girl  30 Days of Wearing Your Wardrobe Challenge. "For this challenge, readers are encouraged to fall in love with their closet all over again; mix and match classic staples with our old flames. Spend 30 days shopping free—our closets are deeper than we think and we need to flex our left brain by getting creative! Accessories (jewelry, shoes and outerwear) are free reign, but we want you to try and maximize the clothes you’ve already cultivated."

Today is day 3 of the challenge and it has been so exciting rediscovering old favorites and mixing them with newbies that haven't had the tags removed as yet! Here's a look at my day one.

Join me for the next 25 days as I rediscover and find new ways to create and enhance my wardrobe! Be sure to include the hashtag #TEG30daychallenge and share your style tips with us. 

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The Stay At Home Mom

Yesterday I read an article from Matt Walsh's Blog about his experience with his Stay At Home Wife and the constant disrespect they both receive because she stays at home doing "nothing" all day. I have always wanted to be a stay at home wife and mother so its only natural that I got slightly pissed off with some of the condescending remarks made by wives and mothers that feel they are "super moms" simply because they are working mothers.

Don't get me wrong. I am currently a working mother. But I have experienced what it is to stay at home and take care of home and child for more than three days and it is no joke! For starters, because you are a Stay At Home Mother or SAHM, as most persons refer to, doesn't mean you get to sleep in late. Nope! The kids are up at the crack of dawn and you should be too. From then it only gets worst (I mean better). It is your role to entertain, feed, clean and educate them for the entire day until its time to say good night. There are no coffee breaks, no leave the office and have lunch with your friends breaks, no walk next door and hang in the other department breaks. Nope its you and them for the entire day.  And if your kid is anything like mine, they don't take naps because they somehow feel that they are missing out on something great.

So for all of you that think that being a SAHM is a walk in the park, I urge you to take a couple days off from work and keep your kids. The first day is fun, you have activities planned out, you are excited. The second day you are tired but you have a plan! After the third day, the tv becomes your best friend and you hide in the bathroom most of the day praying for them to fall asleep.  Think twice before you judge a woman that has been privileged to stay at home and take care of her family. Consider yourself lucky! 

28 Things I am cutting out no that I am 28

During a family gathering this weekend, we were talking about the upcoming holidays and for some reason or the other my birthday came up. THEN, I was reminded that I am only a year away from thirty. Did you read that, I am ONLY A YEAR AWAY FROM THIRTY. Honestly, I never really thought about turning thirty and after Adaya's birth, birthdays no longer meant anything to me. So to hear it said was a lot to take in.

Anni's Bubble

This conversation got me to thinking about growing up, goals and what is expected of me now that I am almost thirty. Then I began thinking of peers my age and collectively the thoughts had me a tad bit disappointed. 

So here is my list of 28 things you should NOT be doing as a 28 year old: 
  1. Wearing anything you wore to the club 8 years ago. 
  2. Have a social media profile picture that includes you using alcohol, drugs or weapons.
  3. "Break Up" tattoos. ( this can be avoided if you intact refrain from number 4) 
  4. Tattoos of boyfriends/girlfriends names, faces, initials. 
  5. Sleep past 10am on any given day.  Unless on vacation.
  6. Get so drunk that you don't remember the night before. 
  7. Pretend that you are answering your phone on an answering machine.
  8. Using "like" after every word. 
  9. Blow bubbles while chewing gum. 
  10. Eat Fast Food at least once a day. 
  11. "Turn Up" every weekend. 
  12. Not saving. 
  13. Using swear words in every conversation. 
  14. Not have basic table manners. 
  15. Fighting. 
  16. Throwing up in a public place. (See note 6)
  17. Needing to be the center of attention. 
  18. Skipping doctor visits. 
  19. Not be Living a healthy prosperous life. 
  20. Not be well groomed. 
  21. Fall to Peer Pressure. 
  22. Go out every night of every weekend. 
  23. Wear pajamas in public. 
  24. Be late for engagements. Be it a wedding, a party, work, an appointment, tardiness is immature.
  25. Be afraid to say NO. 
  26. Be afraid to lose a friend. 
  27. Have persons in your close circle that are not helping you reach your goals. 
  28. Afraid to embrace a new year. 
Most of these things I have done at some point of life, some I have seen others doing, and some I honestly have to work on. I have less than two months and 28 will be gone. Put it however you want, there comes a point in life when you realize,  I'm just TOO old for this mess! 

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