What I've Been Up To + Giveaway Winner Revealed

As we wrap up the month of June, I thought it important to go through my goals for the year and see where I'm at. As it stands, more than half of my goals/ resolutions haven't been actualized. While I am a little disappointed in this, I am overjoyed by what I have accomplished to date.

Here's What I've Been Up To

Writer for Nu Woman Magazine: A couple posts ago I received a message from a local editor - in - chief for the Nu Woman magazine to connect with her. A few weeks and a Summer Issue later, I am now a contributor to the magazine. Nu Woman Magazine is a quarterly publication that is based in Nassau, Bahamas. The magazine’s main focus is on Bahamian and Caribbean women who are contributing in a positive way to community and society as well as Caribbean culture and lifestyle. This has been an amazing experience thus far and has exposed me to so much locally and internationally. Be sure to check out my article "Fashion for a Cause" in this summer's issue.

Blogger Intern at Sarah Scoop behold the power of social media. I added Sarah to Twitter earlier this year. In May I got a tweet that she was looking to add to her team. I jumped on the opportunity and have been writing, learning and growing more and more through this experience. Haven't subscribed as yet? Be sure to check out Sarah's Scoop she covers everything WOMEN! Here is my first article on www.sarahscoop.com.

I have dropped out of Grad School. Right now I simply do not have the time or the stickability to continue with an online program. I have been doing great thus far simply by completing the bare minimum; however, I want to learn and be able to put into practice what I learn during the program. So I am looking into classroom options locally and can see where that leads.

I have not lost weight. In fact, I am pretty sure I have added a few pounds. Exercising is only effective when its done on a consistent basis and given my current schedule, I just can't seem to get it in more than twice a week. I blame my daughter. After dealing with her in the evenings, I am beat.

Speaking of Kids. Sigh. Why are they so much work! 

So there you have it, Bob's your uncle. Progress in some areas is better than stagnancy all around so I am pretty pleased with where I am at for my six month check up. Lots of work to be done, looking forward to making the remaining part of the year even better! 

And the Winner of the +Sephora  Collection Liquid Eye Liner is +Grace Matthews  congratulations on your win!
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Stay tuned for more giveaways and lots more fun! 

xoxo, Anni

Tagged Tuesdays: Summer Essentials

With us being just a few days shy of Summer, now is the perfect time to get your Summer Essentials. Here is my guide to 5 Summer Essentials:

Face it, when its sunny outside, sunglasses are the one thing you reach for. For me, it is important that my sun glasses are not only protecting my eyes but that they are fun, sexy and cool. If I am wearing these bad boys for the entire summer they must look good!

Flip Flops
Don't get me wrong, I love heels just as much as the next woman. But I must admit that I have a special place in my heart for the summer time and the opportunity to wear the cutest flip flops and sandals. Now all I need to do is maintain my pedicure, sigh.

Big, Floppy, Hat
Light weight and cool, a big floppy hat not only protects from the harsh sun rays but it also is a fun way to jazz up a summer look.

Staying away from harmful sun rays that damages the skin is always the trendy thing to do. Be sure to lather up before heading out of any building. Not just on the beach, sunscreen is great to use every day as a protective layer over the skin.

Waterproof Eye Makeup
If you are a makeup gal like me, be sure to snag waterproof makeup during the summer months. You never know when you may end up on the beach, at the pool or enjoying a refreshing shower of rain. Shameless Plug: be sure to check out my amazing giveaway and enter to win a Sephora Collection Waterproof Liquid Liner! 

Be sure to check out the other fab host behind Tagged Tuesdays, D'Vanya of Vanzblogs shares her summer essentials lists. Let's bring on the Summer Fun! 

GIVEAWAY: Sephora Liquid Eyeliner

Anni's Bubble
Eyeliner is the eye defining tool 
Although I have a huge personality, in some areas of my life I am pretty boring. Take my make up for example, it's ALWAYS the same. My eyebrows are always filled in a certain way, there is gold eyeshadow, liner and mascara. I put on a lip treatment and then nude lip gloss. Nothing fancy nothing fun. Occasionally I may add a pop of color with lipstick. However on any given day my make up is exactly the same.

On my way to work ( I usually get inspirations in the silence of my car), I looked in the mirror pretty pleased with myself only to be reminded that this face is the exact same face I had yesterday, last week and a year ago.  Then I thought, I wouldn't wear the same pants to work every day, surely wouldn't wear the same shirt, so why am I  wearing the exact same face every day. BORING. I'm sorry but there is no excuse for wearing the same makeup every day, especially not with all of the make options and tutorials out there! 

Don't get me wrong, I have no plans - at least not immediate- to venture too far from my norm, however I do think making small changes daily can add some excitement and fun to my look. The ideal place to start, the way I apply my eyeliner.  Eye Liner is the one perfect tool that can define and reshape the eyes. It can help brighten the eyes, allowing them to appear bigger, can eliminate the "I haven't had a wink of sleep" look and can even reshape the appearance of the eye. 

Eyeliner gives endless possibilities for making you go from day time subtle to evening glam and I have the perfect liquid liner option for you! Enter to win a Sephora Collection Liquid Eye liner below. 

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Sephora Liquid Eye Liner 

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Daddy's Girl

I am a daddy's girl. I don't hide it, not afraid of it. My dad means the world and more to me!  In fact growing up and a little as an adult my favorite line was "I will tell my daddy on you." In my mind my daddy is the perfect man. He takes care of his family and home, is involved in church and the community and does everything to make sure the people in his life are shown love. Yes I love him!

So in honor of my Dynamic Dad and all the fab dads out there. 

Happy Father's Day 
May your weekend build filled with love, peace and happiness! 

I will be out of office (cyber world) this weekend as we celebrate my dad. 
Be sure to check back next week for a weekend recap! 

xoxo, Anni
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