Balling on a Budget with Be Mini Couture

As a mom there are many things I would love to do and even more that I really can not do. One of the things I would really love is to go on shopping sprees every week for both my daughter and myself and most recently my new home. While the shopping sprees are impossible, I do manage to purchase an item here or there every so often, which are most often for my daughter.

Being the internet junky and online shopping loving that am I,  imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Be Mini Couture. Be Mini Couture is an online designer clothing store for kids. I know what you're thinking, I thought this post was about saving money. Well it is. The joy of Be Mini Couture is that you are able to outfit your kids in the trendiest designer pieces with out having to spend your life savings.

How It Works: 

  1. Your rental will arrive to you in PRISTINE condition with a newer than new guarantee (every outfit is professionally dry-cleaned following each rental)
  2. Be Mini Couture offers FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS on all rentals!
  3. Your rental will arrive at your door on or before the arrival date you specified in your order.
  4. To return, you simply put the outfit in the pre-paid packaging and drop it in the mail within 5 days of your specified arrival date.

And my favorite: 
 It is a worry-free rental, 100% INSURANCE COVERAGE is included on all rentals. SCORE! 

I requested a gown for my two year old to wear at my brother's wedding a few weeks ago and the team at Be Mini Couture gave me three really nice options for the big day. Unfortunately, we weren't able to give the gowns a test run as the package arrived after the wedding :) (blame our slow postal service). Be that as it may, I am in love with this service. It's like having the best to return them, because lets face it no one wants to repeat great items anyway! 

So parents, aunts, uncles, godparents.. if you are looking for a trendy outfit with out the crazy price, head over to Be Mini Couture and choose classic items from over 30 designers. Don't want to borrow and have a few extra dollars to spare... no worries.. you can buy the items here too!

Your Frugal Mom Blogger, 

Spring Cleaning+ Bare Minerals Giveaway

I live for long weekends. Late nights, sleeping in and lounging around in pajamas. Every girls dream.  I enjoy even more the free time that I can use to organize and clean things that I wouldn't have time to do on a regular basis. Like my make up box.

As many of you know, I love subscriptions and although I haven't had a chance to post as much as I would have over the last few weeks I have been receiving some really great products. From primers, to liners, to bronzers and much more, the first quarter of subscriptions has been a glam girl's dream!After sorting through the goodies, I found a few items that are duplicated and for this reason I am hosting a Easter Holiday Giveaway.

Ever saw something that you really wanted, ordered it and mistakenly ordered it twice? I have. Three times for that matter. Two nail colors and one lip color. So before you head out for weekend fun, enter to win these fab glam items perfect for the spring!
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One Year Blogging

Anni's Bubble

Yesterday was my blog's first birthday and for some reason I totally missed it! I celebrated my three month blogiversary, six months and even eight months but somehow, I totally let 12 months slip by. When I first started my blog, I pledged that on my first birthday I would give away a bunch of cool things, have an official blogger photoshoot, redesign the entire page and the list goes on. Needless to say, none of that happened. 

Even though I forgot the exact day, for me to be celebrating one year of blogging is much of a milestone, mainly because its hard for me to stick to just about anything. I have gone through design changes, name changes and even considered giving up the old love for a brief moment.  The one thing that is constant since I started blogging is change.  In addition to the changes that my blog has experienced I have certainly changed the way in which I connect with my blog. Mature some would say. When I started out blogging, I found it crucial to mimic other bloggers that had "arrived" whether it was copying post titles, to reinventing their posts, I somehow never got the inspiration required to write posts that were original. Let's just say if you were looking for a post that was unique or even remotely gave you a glimpse into my life, chances are you would not have gotten that a few months in.

Today, my experience is completely different!  Now I want to share just about every aspect of life on my blog; the good, the bad and even the ugly. I want to share my happy moments and the challenging moments because I know that, if only one, there is someone out there experiencing something very similar. One thing is for certain the best lesson that I have learnt as a blogger is that people want to be motivated and inspired and the only way to do that is by being authentically Anni. What I have seen is that the blog posts that feature the most REALNESS are the ones that got the most traction.  People are able to relate and share their experiences, provide advise or even a word of encouragement and that is my purpose for writing, to inspire and motivate myself while motivating others.

So today as I sit, write and celebrate an entire year of blogging I am excited to dig a little deeper, share a little more and take steps to making this blog and life in general a little more fulfilling. More unique. More authentic. More Me.

Anni's Bubble

Sorry I am Late because

I am late everywhere I go. Like everywhere! The sad part about me being late all the time is that I actually prepare the night before, I wake up two hours in advance and yes I try to go to bed early. But no matter how much I prepare, the process never goes as easy as I would like.

I'm LATE because: 

  • Adaya couldn't find her shoes 
  • After we found her shoes, we had to search for my shoes 
  • I had a wardrobe malfunction (for the third time this morning) 
  • Pepper Pig has 4 minutes and 30 seconds left 
  • My glasses are missing AGAIN!
  • My phone was in the Dora chair buried under Adaya's toys 
  • Hmmmm she clearly ignored my request to get her bags and go to the car
  • It's Potty Time, as soon as we walk out the door 
  • Car seats are the most terrifying things to my child 
  • Once in the car seat she discovers an ant (which she calls a spider) which causes me to jump out of my seat go to the back and try to remove the spider which then results in her cup of tea spilling onto my clothes requiring me to go back inside the house to change yet again.

So you want to know why I am always late? Have a child..... 

xoxo, Anni 
Miss Never on Time
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