Kickin' It with Kidecals

Schools in and by now most of us would have adjusted to the newness of back to school.  For me,  while I have gotten used to the traffic, the added chores, organization still seems to be my downfall.  So I have sought out the help from my friends at Kidecals to make this year much more simple and organized! Helping moms everywhere, Kidecals creates affordable art that is easy to install and change! Their useful products such as waterproof personalized name labels, help organize and simplify your life!

Kidecal labels are printed on a  self-adhesive premium-quality, calendered vinyl with a special, removable acrylic adhesive and printed with ecosol inks. The waterproof name labels are printed onto a really durable self-adhesive vinyl with eco sol inks and laminated with clear topcoat to ensure durability, perfect for moms and kids! 

From labels to wall art, Kidecals is the perfect solution to bringing organization
 and creative beauty to your home! 
The customizable solutions that are offered makes organizing the kitchen cupboards, Adaya's toys, books and the forsaken junk room a walk in the park. Check Kidecals out and see how you can simply life and cleaning using these waterproof easy to use options.

No Mediocre

It seems like forever since I last post. Somehow though, I can not beat myself up too much, it has been a busy couple of months. During the month of August, we discussed preparing for "Back To School" and despite the weeks of preparation, the reality of my daughter starting "big girl school" has only now settled in. Aside from the Back to School excitement, I have made it my focus to continue checking off items from my to do list. From launching the Jazzy Moms community, volunteering with Hands For Hunger, taking on marketing efforts for the Timothy Education Project and building my brand, life has been pretty fulfilling, and I love it!  

As we enter Fall, why not check back to the list that we created at the beginning of the year and make the rest of the year count! Whether you have to recreate your vision board, spend some time meditating on your goals, or creating a new to- do list, lets end this year with a bang! Because as you know, it is never too late to achieve your dreams. No Mediocre

xoxo, Anni 

Lessons from My Three Year Old

In case you missed it, Adaya is now three years old, and for those of you that thought the difficult years ended at two, guess again! The thing about being a three year old is that not only do you have a huge personality, but you have the vocabulary to make that big personality shine. Honestly, there are moments where I think that I am being secretly taped for a parenting reality show where I am pretty sure I am the first person that would be kicked off the show.

Regardless of it all, I have to admit that I love watching her grow and develop and truth be told, I see myself in her every single day. Age three has been quit the journey and I am only a month and some into it. Here are my favorite lessons from my three year old:

  1. The best way to distract from being discipline is to explain how much you love the person that is about to discipline you. Beg for a hug, ask for a kiss. They will completely forget. 
  2. If you ask for something long enough you will fall asleep. 
  3. Secret language conversations are usually the most productive. 
  4. All electronics are your kids and should be equipped to watch cartoons at their leisure. 
  5. Strawberries, water and cartoons are the best way to do any 30- minute chore. 
  6. Kids are like parrots, except their vocabulary is much more extensive. 
  7. Road rage can be transferred even to your toddler (remind me to tell you about the driver at the red light two days ago). 
  8. The best way to get a toddler to want something, is to offer it to her cousin.
  9. Best friends are not one in a million. 
  10. The saying "this is just a phase" Is a LIE.

All else aside, I love watching her grow up and hearing the adventures of her mind. From who she considers to be her best friend this month to why she don't like pigs, each year is even more adventurous than the year before.  What new experiences are you having as your kids embrace a new year? Be sure to share and comment below. 

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Guest Post: Small Budget Cleaning Tips

As we prepare to take the kids back to school and wrap up summer, what better way to do so than by doing a summer clean up! Today we have Hally Bertram sharing Small Budget Cleaning Tips for moms preparing for back to school. Make cleaning easy, effective and low budget with these helpful tips!

Cleaning on a budget is the easiest thing in the world. Come on, no need to be embarrassed – we've all been there. And even if you're simply looking for cost-effective solutions not because you have a small budget, but because you want to save, it's OK again. Cleaning doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. There is much you can do with products I'm sure you have in your kitchen right now. Don't accept what big companies are telling you – that it's only their products that can solve your problems. That's not true. You can solve your cleaning problems alone, on a budget, with just a bit of help from Clean Carpet London. This is why it's great to live in the Information age – all you need is at the top of your fingers at all time. Just like all you need to clean is in your kitchen right now. Speaking of which...

Window cleaning
OK, Windex, we get it. You're quite popular, no doubt about it. But you are not the only dog in town and your popularity is completely irrelevant. You know what? We don't even need to buy window cleaning solutions when we want excellent results and shiny windows. Do you know why? Because we have vinegar!

That's right, folks, when it comes to window, you can hardly ever go wrong with white vinegar. Just  find an empty spray bottle and pour 1 part distilled white vinegar to 2 parts warm water. Then close and shake. You're done. Your window cleaning spray is ready. Just apply on the window and clean with a microfiber cloth.

Oh, you don't have white vinegar? Don't run off to the store, yet. There is an alternative to vinegar you might have in handy. It's a little something called lemon juice – you might have heard of it. That's right, follow the same formula as the white vinegar solution, but replace vinegar with lemon juice.If there is something tougher you need to clean (like, for example the glass door of the bathroom), you need a bigger kick. Lucky for you, I've got you covered. Just add some rubbing alcohol to the solution and it will become much stronger.

All-purpose cleaner
But maybe you don't care too much about window cleaning, right? Maybe your problem lies elsewhere. That doesn't matter , because your kitchen comes to the rescue again. You see, vinegar is not only good for window cleaning. It actually has acidic properties, so it's a pretty effective cleaner overall. All you need to do in order to turn it into an all-purpose cleaner is to mix it with some baking soda in order to make a paste.

Estimate how much of the paste you will need. Then pour some white vinegar in a bowl and add an appropriate amount of baking soda. You can also add some liquid dish soap if you want, but that is strictly optional. The paste that formed will serve as an all-purpose cleaner. It can be used to clean almost anything in your home – you name it, it can clean it. Whether we are talking about carpets, tiles, tables, clothes, this solution can deal with almost anything.

Air Freshener
What is a clean home if you don't use an air freshener? And forget about the cheap chemicals you get from the store. I'm talking about the real deal. Here, you will need water, a natural essence oil (mint, eucalyptus, orange, whatever you want the solution to smell like) and some baking soda. As you know, oils aren't water soluble. But soda is, which is why you will place two spoons of soda in a bowl and then you will add 20-30 drops of oil (depending on the concentration you want) and you will mix them. When the mixture is done, place in a spray bottle, add warm water and shake up. Put a label on the bottle, just in case, and you can use it to freshen the air any time.

Hally is working at Clean Carpet London . It is very important to keep a clean and organized home for her.

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